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Opening Gates Through Dreams and Visions in 2014

Dear Believer, This is your year to break forth in power and demonstration! Yes, you will witness many signs and wonders, miracles and breakthroughs as you demonstrate the Kingdom of God in 2014. Allow what I just wrote settle in your heart because God is speaking to each of you-right now- concerning strategies for breakthrough for the New Year of 2014. How? Through dreams and visions. Though I will have much more to share with you soon concerning what I believe prophetically is on the horizon, I wish to still encourage to pay close attention to the dreams you have had and will have in the future.

With that in mind I want to ask you an important question. Have you ever had a dream and then moved on in life (hopefully you documented it!) and later had an experience that reminded you of that previous dream? Some people describe this occurrence as a deja vu moment. You know, those times when you step back, shake your head and say "I've experienced this before!" This is not some weird occurrence- it is more a supernatural manifestation of God communicating. I refer often to these type of experiences as this- is- that moments. This -Is -That Moments

Peter was one who identified several this- is- that moments. Acts 2 testifies that a sound from heaven as a mighty rushing wind occurred and all who were gathered together were filled with the Holy Spirit. Many spoke in unknown tongues and experienced the supernatural power from heaven. Peter began to preach and declared that what had occurred was a this is that moment that had been prophesied by Joel (see verse 16). What did Joel prophesy? Well, one thing he declared was that God would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and that his sons and daughters would prophesy and experience dreams and visions.

The Increase of Dreams and Visions

Peter recognized this incredible outpouring and identified it as a fulfillment. I believe that the Spirit of God fell that day, and it was a this is that moment of fulfillment, that dreams and visions are increasing. When we dream we can easily conclude that we might be experiencing a this-is-that moment because Joel prophesied that it would come to pass! Wow! Just think about it for a moment. You are living a prophesy that was declared thousands of years ago. Dear one, expect dreams and visions to increase in 2014. Some of you will be able to identify dreams that have already been received and recognize the timing of God's fulfillment!

Many of you may recall the vision Peter had at a later time when God was preparing Peter to minister to the Gentiles. Acts 10 documents how God spoke to Peter in a vision and then ministered to him concerning his mindsets concerning the Gentiles. While Peter was on the rooftop praying and God was speaking to him concerning accepting the Gentiles and ministering salvation to them, Cornelius, a Gentile, was knocking at the door seeking him! Can you imagine Peter, on the roof, looking below and seeing a Gentile seeking him out? It was a this is that moment for Peter! Peter must have said "Oh, this knocking at the door from a Gentile is thatwhich you spoke to me about in the vision!"

Your This-is-That Year

Believer, I believe that God is going to speak to many of us this year concerning our religious mindsets. It is time for us to enter into greater revelation and let go of anything which has limited us from demonstrating the raw power of God. Some of us are like Peter-not realizing we have a mindset until we have a vision (or a dream). Kingdom revelation awaits us. It is time for us to advance, be transformed more into His divine image and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. As we do we will stop, shake our heads, and declare " Oh my! This is that which I have dreamed of! I am demonstrating God's power through prophecy, prayer, laying hands on the sick, and experiencing His presence in an awesome way!" Let me encourage you to read some of previous posts on dreams and visions. I believe they will empower you for your break throughs in 2014! God bless you.

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