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2014 A Year To Access the Unseen

The Secret of Knowing God's Heart

There was a time that Jesus gave his disciples a promotion. Yes! He promoted them from being called servants to being called His friends. They had each served Him during His earthly ministry and then one day Jesus turned to them and said " No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things I heard from My Father I have made known to you" (John 15:15).

Wow! Think about that. Let it sink in a bit. They were now not simply serving their Master, they were being given access to the secrets that were in the heart of God! Jesus was promoting the disciples to a more intimate level. They were no longer called servants- those who were limited to serving. They were shifting from a task-oriented mentality to those who would hunger for His presence and ability to understand His heart. If you recall, Jesus knew God's heart. In John 5:19 He stated that He only did what He saw the Father do- in other words Jesus did what was in the heart of His Father.

I believe it is our year of promotion also. 2014 will be a year of tremendous favor with both God and men. I will be teaching more on favor at another time, but for now, it's important for us to begin to believe for the supernatural as never before. Dear ones, when we are given access to God's heart, we are also being given access to the unseen realm.

Accessing the Unseen and the Supernatural NOW!

I am believing God for manifestations of the supernatural. Now! Hebrews 4 is clear about receiving all that God has for us TODAY. We need wait no longer for heaven's best to invade our lives. Let's believe NOW-TODAY for supernatural breakthroughs.

There are promises that God has given to me which still remain in the "unseen realm." Those promises are in God's heart-else He would not have promised them. However, I am believing that I am being positioned with faith to see the manifestation of many promises NOW. The children of Israel did not mix the Word of God with faith and, therefore, did not access what God had promised them. Let's mix our faith with God's promises and possess our Promised Land NOW-TODAY! Access the unseen in 2014!

Letting Go of Limitations

In my new book Letting Go of Limitations; Experiencing God's Transforming Power

I go to great length to discuss any area in our lives that might hinder us from demonstrating God's power on earth. Some of the limitations and hindrances I write about are:

  1. The spirit of legalism and how bondage to the Law hinders our faith.

  2. Religious mindsets and how tradition blocks God's raw power from being demonstrated in us and through us.

  3. Self-righteousness and how pride hinders our walk with God and receiving His best for our lives.

  4. The tongue and how it can negatively frame your world.

  5. Performance and perfectionism and how they correspond to dead works and causes us to be void of God's power.

You may order this book through and go to book store or scale up and click on books.

New School of Prophetic Ministry! Call now for information on our School of Prophetic Ministry 2014. All new format. School includes two conferences- one is focused on silencing the voice of Jezebel and imparting a new level of prophetic ministry and breakthru for students- other is focused on Dreams and Visions! You won't want to miss this hands on training from myself and Pastor Mickey Freed.

School begins in March 2014.

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